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Friday, May 24, 2013

Is This The Time To Say Good Bye ??

Dear Friends,
Finally Mentos India launched their Last Riddle and now we have nothing to find out, to share, to have fun on Mentos India Contest Riddles.

First of all, I am very much Thankful to all of my readers, my friends and my beloved ones. We trained our mind to solve the Riddles, Shared our thoughts and did a lot of enjoy here. This is the memorable moments of my life. 

Thank You So MuchI can not forget you all, Specially but not limited to - Raihan, Manpreet, Sachin Goral, Sharat, Kvk (Vineeth), Santhosh, Prem, Saddu, Jagdish Patel, Swagat Suryawanshi, Aarathi Shenoy, Parth Choudhary, Shweta Rana, Rishabh Dixit, Sachin Shrivastava, and Shael.   

The List is too long Please don't mind if I did not wrote your name, I am very thankful to all of the rest people too.

Oh My God, How can I forgot to Luciee Lu, She is the girl who was stealing my articles, my answers even my posted Pictures, on which I already marked up my blog address. She posted my answer on her blog. Once I talked to her to remove the content, but she denied. Suddenly, I don't know what happened but she deleted her blog and also her blogger profile. There is nothing remains to contact her in future. So I will Miss you Luciee. We could be friends but.... well leave it, try to contact me if possible.

So guys, Is this the time to say Good Bye ??
Time to say Good ByeI am really feeling so upset today. Why don't Mentos creating some more riddles. They should divide the winning amount upto 25000/- and create some more riddles. I think we all could request them to continue this concept. After all they are having a batter branding in less amount. 

Mind Body & SoulBy the way, now I can give some time to my other blogs specially for Mind Body & Soul concept. I know that we all have a lot of work stress and other tensions in life and also we have to face new challenges every day. That's why I created this blog to Keep Yourself Healthy and Happy all the time. I promise that you will like the content and concept of this blog. And of course it could be a nice place to keep in touch with you all.

It is My Heartily Request to all of you, Please Subscribe that Blog so you can find each and every updates. Almost within two days My Husband will design and do other technical things to launch that blog. After that I will start posting on that Blog.

Time to say good bye
You may also visit my Google Plus Profile to know about my all blogger updates. You can also keep in touch on other social networks like Facebook, You tube, Twitter, and Linked In. You may found the links on the top of the side bar. I would feel like a Real Winner if I found all of you on other place beside of this blog. I hope you will not break my heart.

Thank You So Much From The Bottom of My Heart.

Good Bye Friends

Neha Ahire.